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Drum Sing Dance

Drumming Singing Dancing

Spiritual Drumming, Singing and Dancing put us into resonance with the natural rhythms of life and nature. They help us to bring balance into our lives. By doing these self-expressions, we integrate body, mind and spirit, providing healing at physical and spiritual levels. They connect us with the power of the Universe, reconnecting with your inner or spirit self. The moment that you bond with your spirit is the moment your Heart opens to heal from wounds and to accept love again.


The Drum is the heartbeat of Mother Earth. We are born into this Earth Plane while feeling the heartbeat of your own mothers, combined with the heartbeat of Mother Earth. The Drum is round in shape, representing the circle of life. The beat automatically puts us into a sense of security and fulfillment. Drumming creates sacred space, so we can then dance a sacred prayer into the earth. We Dance to open to the flow of life, releasing negative feelings, blockages and emotional trauma while bringing in joy, peace and love. Singing in words or vocables releases more congested energy and raises our vibration. These activities done together balance our body energy-centers to make us feel whole and balanced again.

Drumming, Singing and Dancing can induce an altered state of empowerment. They can clarify your life's purpose. They assist you to go within to access wisdom and energies to awaken your soul's purpose and calling. Of course, they are always fun too, social and self-expressive.

Wind Daughter has the Gift of Song and Drum to take you on an experience of spiritual joy and inner peace. Join her at her next Event! Learn the words to the Earth Peoples' songs that will open your Heart.

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