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Panther Bear Medicines
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Panther Lodge Bear Tribe

Medicine Society

Wind Daughter founded West Winds in February of 1992. She is keeper of the Sacred Beta Star Bundle and the caretaker of the Black Lodge. Since the summer of 1995 she is the ceremonial Chief of the Bear Tribe Medicine Society and Panther Lodge Medicine Society. . In 2019 the tribes were united together as the Panther Bear Tribe Medicine Society.

Panther Wind Woman  (Wind Daughter)

Since beginning her journey with her gift of song many years ago, Wind Daughter has built a program of experiential workshops and retreats to facilitate others in renewing their relationship with Mother Earth, and to reach within themselves to sustain their spirits. As a trained Ceremonialist, Wind Daughter works with regional circles and groups, as well as national events, to assist others in the path of healing. Wind Daughter facilitates an entire range of women's teachings, as practiced in the West Winds Women's Gatherings and workshops.

Wind Daughter offers vision quests, rites of passage ceremonies, house cleansing, and women’s gatherings, as well as personal counseling.

Panther - Symbol of Courage

The Panther has long been a symbol of courage, strength, and mystery.  Myths and legends of panthers of all kinds are to be found from ancient Egypt to Greece, from Africa into medieval Europe and Asia, and throughout North and South America.  These stories have informed, frightened, and entertained people for millenia.  In the physical world, the black panther is a rare color variant of the jaguar.  Its rarity adds to the mystique of this secretive spirit. 

In the metaphysical world, the Black Panther is associated with the moon, and with the inner dimensions of our spirits. 


We hear the communications of other dimensions and life forms.  We heal old wounds, release old issues, and shift our consciousness through the feminine power of the night.  Both men and women are reborn into our true place in the universe.  The Panther is our guardian and our partner in this rebirth and transformation. 

Here at the home of  The Panther Lodge Medicine Society, in the heart of the Ozarks, a Black Panther has been seen by visitors.  It is fitting and intriguing that the panther has shown itself as the archetype for our our organization.  Join us on our journey of discovery, as we create and manifest our future.

Panther Medicine

The energies and traits of Panther Medicine are reclaiming one's own power, Cycle of Power

- the dark of the moon, the new moon and winter.

The panther is a very powerful and ancient totem. It is a symbol of ferocity and valor. In the case of the black panther, there is definitely a lunar significance. Those that align with the panther will develop greater depths of vision - of their life, of events, or other people. This is more than just psychic sight. it is an inner knowing. With panther comes the ability to develop clairaudience, to hear the communications of other dimensions and other life forms. The panther brings healing and often signals a time of rebirth when old issues can be resolved and old wounds healed. The panther signals a time of immanent awakening. The panther holds the promise of rebirth and guardianship. It is the extra protection we need in these changing times. The panther is a symbol of mastery over all dimensions. The roar of the panther is the roar of thunder.


The black panther is the symbol of the feminine, the dark of the moon. It is the symbol for the life and power of the night. It is the symbol of feminine energies manifest upon the earth. It is the feminine gift of creation found in both males and females. That which we can imagine, we can manifest, and in that manifestation we CAN create. The creation is up to us. I choose peace, prosperity, health and abundance. I hope you will join me as we move forward reclaiming our true Power with the help of PANTHER.

Read the book called Animal Speaks by my long time friend, Ted Andrews.

Brown Bear resting on log
Black Bear holding a Bear Medicine Shield
Native American Medicine Bear

Bear Medicine

The Bear symbolizes introspection and intuition. It is the embodiment of spiritual power and physical strength. Bear has the power to bring harmony and balance with the ability to heal. They are Keepers of the Dream-time who dream the world into existence. They hibernate into the Dream Lodge to sit with the Elders and Ancestors. This brings forth wisdom.

If you need courage to face challenges in your life, call forth the Bear Medicine energy for support, inner strength, fearlessness and  self-confidence. Bear transforms darkness into light with great healing. It teaches how to go within to find answers and guidance.

In the West, when the sun goes down, darkness descends taking us inward to dream a dream with the help of  Bear Medicine. Then coming back out into the light, the dream transforms into manifestation.

Look to the sky at night. See the North Star or Polar Star (Polaris) of the Great Bear constellation, Ursa Major, Big Dipper. Then follow over to the Little Dipper. There is shines on the handle of the Little Dipper. Mother Earth spins around  on its axis pointing to this Polar Star. Bear Spirit is the "speaker" of all animals in nature.

Bear is given the power over death with rebirth. They symbolically die in the fall and resurrect in the spring.

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