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Womens Gatherings

Women's Gatherings


Women's Gatherings bring Women together with like heart and mind to support each other, no matter the race, ethnic origin, age, sexual orientation, religion, disability, economics, physical appearance or body size. Women sit in a safe place with the Talking Stick Circle to receive support their Sisters, as they share their experiences of the feminine journey. Ceremony brings Women into touch with the value of the feminine spirit. Women as "giving" people, can enjoy this time to nourish their own selves and inner beings. Drumming, singing and dancing loosens the Spirit to let it soar!

The Black Lodge Ceremony always brings something special to each woman during this Gathering. New Moon Ceremony at night connects the lost part of the spirit. Teachings of the Sacred Moon Lodge offer new insights into the power of femininity. The Women's Gathering gives realization that Women are dynamic, courageous, strong Women.

Women's Gatherings always includes Sacred Pipe Ceremony, Stone Peoples Lodge Ceremony (sweat lodge), and so much more!

New Moon Ceremony


A New Moon Ceremony is not just for Women, but is all-inclusive. It is a gathering at night to harness the femininity of Moon Energy while it lasts for 3 days before it goes into the Full Moon phase. The New Moon marks the beginning of a new cycle when new beginnings can be made, new seeds planted for life's manifestations. It is a birthing of energy. It is a time to focus on your life to bring in new and good beginnings for yourself. Set some goals, plan your future. Let go of the old that doesn't serve your best and highest good.

The New Moon is a time to clear your energy, make room for new, set new intentions and gain clarity. A Moon Circle is a time to be in community, share your stories and reflect on your life. It is very powerful when women come together to support each other on their journey of hopes and dreams.

Sacred Moon Lodge


The Moon Lodge is a ceremonial place entrusted to all women on this continent. Although the actual structure, ceremony and songs vary, depending on the geographical region and the inhabiting culture, the intention for its use is the same:  to honor All that is Female on this Mother Earth. There are certainly many ceremonies in many cultures that offer similar homage; the Moon Lodge, however is one place where only women gather for that purpose.


When Women are on Moon Time, they is a time when are honored for the important role as having the Womb which we are all birthed. They are respected and cared for during this time. Their power is so strong at this time, that they refrain from doing some medicines, as it could shift the energy that is intended for that medicine. They rest and do not prepare food for a Food Feast. They let the men and other women do that for them.

Among many traditions, when a girl became a woman by inviting Grandmother Moon, she was guided to a special lodge prepared by the Elder-Women in her honor. She would remain there for the duration of her flow, engaging in intuitive activities such as artwork, dreaming, singing, and when available, receiving teachings from older women. The Bear Tribe Medicine Wheel Gathering is pleased to offer any and all women a Moon Lodge, whether or not Grandmother Moon is visiting for them at that time. A Moon Lodge is a quiet gathering place for women supporting women to honor the Moon, the Earth and themselves.


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