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Earth Dance

Earth Dance

The Earth Dance Gathering is people joining together to dance prayers into the Earth Mother for peace and healing for humanity. It is a prayer to Mother Earth in gratitude for all that she gives us, so that we can live in her Beauty. When we drum and dance in community, it brings us closer to support, love and have compassion for all humans. It transforms our lives and awakens our souls. Together, we spread our love for Humanity and the Earth out into the world in a cosmic web that resonates a beautiful, Peace vibration.

The Earth Dance is Shamanic Medicine that reconnects us to the wisdom of living from the Heart, the joy of knowing who we are, and that we are making a positive, unique contribution to life. In today's world, there is separation between body and Spirit, between individuals and nations, between the human world and the web of life. This Shamanic Earth Dance reconnects us, deepening our capacity and compassion for all of Life.

At an Earth Dance Gathering, there is always Sacred Pipe Ceremony, Stone Peoples Lodge Ceremony (sweat lodge), and so much more!

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